Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tune in Tuesday {18}

Well hello again fellow bloggers and friends.  I can't believe that it is Tuesday again!!! But some awesome things are happening this Tuesday...

a) It's Tune in Tuesday!!!
b) Beautiful Chaos comes out today!!!
c) Its my Blogoversary!!!!! I can't believe that it has been a year already!!! wow...But I have a whole post for that so check it out!!

Any who back to Tune in Tuesday!  Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme that allows you to showcase some of the best music that you are listening to right at this minute.  But this month its just not any kind of music.  This month is SOUNDTRACK month!!!  I love this month!!!

So this week I have decided to center around some TV show themes....

I hope you enjoy:)

and last but not least....



  1. Such good TV show themes!! and happy blogoversary :-)

  2. I'm having flashbacks! lol Those are great selections & they're are now stuck in my head.
    Love your blog too.

  3. Great choices. They all make you smile. :)
    Happy blogoversary.

    My TT

  4. Love friends and that 70s show! Good choice!
    here is mine: http://ratherbarefoot.blogspot.com/2011/10/tune-in-tuesday_18.html

    New follower =)

  5. I love "Don't Stop Believing," both the original and the Glee cover. It's a song I never get tired of!

  6. I love Glee, That 70's Show & Friends! I haven't watched Friday Night Lights, I don't even know what it's about since it's not shown over here. Though after hearing all good things about it I'll have to look it up online. Great choices! :D

  7. Great choices! I agree with Natalie, Don't Stop Believing is a classic that I will NEVER get sick of. Grew up on Journey! lol Thanks for sharing!

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!