Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Scary Movies {10}

Children of the Corn: Revelation
Director: Guy Magar
Stars: Claudette Mink, Kyle Cassie and Michael Ironside
Rated: R
Release: 2001
Length: 82 Minutes


Jamie Lowell travels to small-town Nebraska to visit her grandmother -- only to discover that Grandma has mysteriously vanished from her run-down apartment building ... which just happens to be located in the midst of a cornfield. Jamie keeps running into strange-looking children around town and in the apartment building. Soon, her grandmother's neighbors begin to disappear, too. -Netflix-

My Thoughts:

Now I am a sucker for The Children of the Corn series. If I see that it says that it says Children of the corn....I HAVE to watch it.  In this movie a lot happened that made me say "wait....what happened?"  This movie was kind of a disappointment.   I was expecting it to be some really good movie that kept with the Children of the Corn story, and it really didn't.  I hate to have to say that this movie was a disappointment but it really was.  

The movie still has some jumps and screams to it, but not much.  It is about a girl that is looking for her grandma that has came up missing.  While she is looking for her she meets these 2 little kids that are really creepy and she doesn't know what to think of them.  

The movie was good, but it wasn't great.  If you want a movie that will send a small chill down your spine this is defiantly that movie for you.


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