Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was a sad week

Well this week was a sad week in my life....Casey Abrams was sent home :(

I love Casey Abrams.  He was such a talented singer and performer.  When American Idol started 10 seasons ago, I watched it every week. But as I grew I drifted away from it.  The past 8 or 9 seasons I would only watch the auditions and MAYBE, if i was lucky, the final show. But something happened this season.....As I was watching the auditions this man came on and sang tot he judges.  My fist reaction was oh my he is good but he won't make it.....guess what....he did make it!!!

He made it past Hollywood week singing songs that he HAD too and songs that he wanted to.  I really did not think that he would actually be on the show because he sings jazz and that is not normal for american idol. Usually the singers sing pop songs or songs that are on the radio today...this is why I never watched before.  The judges had to cut the group in half to have a top 24 to start the singing part of the show....AND HE MADE IT! He was going to sing for america week to week...I was so happy.

Then about a month and a half ago disaster struck....Casey was in the bottom this show was very important because if you did not get cut at this show you would be touring with American Idol because you were the top 10.  Well it is sad to say Casey was going home...well he is given a chance to sing for the judges to see if they would use their veto..THEY DID!  They wouldn't even let him finish the song before they decided to save him.  I was so happy!  I didn't want him to leave.  He is such an amazing singer.

Well weeks went by and Casey was amazing! But I honestly believe people did not know how to enjoy what he was doing because he is a jazz singer.  But that is what made him great! 

Casey Abrams will you be will be missed until your CD debuts, you headline your own tour, and become the next big thing!

Casey Abrams Indiana LOVES YOU!!


Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey I know that it has been awhile since I have done a post so with it being my day off I thought that I could catch up.  This past Christmas I bought a book for my sister in law.  I had never heard of the book nor heard anything about the book.  I really think she thought it was a cheap gift but that is her opinion....everyone is entitled to it. Anyway the book is called The Morganville Vampire Series.

The picture above is the 2 in 1 edition.  It has the first 2 books of the series in it.  The first 2 books are called The Glass House and The Dead Girl Dance. I really did not what to think about the book.  All my sister in law said was that the book was AMAZING

The story starts off and you meet Claire.  Claire is a 16 year old girl that graduated early from high school.  She not only graduates early from high school, she also was accepted to many elite colleges around the nation.  But her parents want her to attend a local college instead of somewhere 2000 miles away.  

But while she is living at the dorms at a community college she is getting hazed by one of the girls at the school.  She doesn't know what to do about it so she just decides to move out of the dorms and live off campus.  She finds out that 3 people are looking for another roommate. She goes to them and basically begs them to let her move in.  

After she moves in she finds out that the whole town is run by vampires.  And the humans that live there have to fight for their protection from the vampires.  They also have to pay their taxes monthly which consists of humans donating 2 pints of blood at the local hospital.  And if they are caught outside at night no matter what you are far game to the vampires that live on the streets and are hungry.  

I was totally wrapped up in this book.  I loved it so much. On a 5 star rating I give it a 5! I am currently volume 2 which consists of the next 2 books of the series.  The next books are Midnight Alley and Feast of Fools.  I can't wait to finish the book to move on to the next book of the series.  I can't wait to see what happens to Claire and the people she lives with. 

On the side note about a month ago my husband was doing a wrestling show and injured himself in the ring.  We just thought that she wrist was just jammed and he let it go.  After a few weeks he was still having pain in his wrist so I got him to agree that he would go to the doctor and maybe she could do something for it.  Well after doctor visits, x-rays, and phone calls we find out that Seth has fractured a bone in his wrist and tore a lot of tissue.  We spent 3 hours at the hospital this morning getting a MRI done.  

- On a side note I am now going to tell you how much I HATE the hospital.  When I was 17 I tore my ACL playing softball.  When the doctor told me that I have to go and get a MRI and it took an hour.  That was 6 years ago.....what the hell happened????? 

Back to Seth, well his appointment was at 9:30. We arrived at the hospital at 9AM!!!!!! Seth had to get a shot that had dye in it so that they could do whatever.  WE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO THE MRI CENTER UNTIL 11:15!  I was like are you kidding me..... We didn't leave the hospital until 12....I was so mad.....

Anyway to top it all off about 3pm Seth gets a call from the doctor and he has to go back to get more pictures!!!!!!>.<

I hope that this is the end!

But anyway he has to have surgery...:( but everything will be okay!

Anyway I am out 

time to read more about Claire!

Enjoy your night 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revelations By Melissa de la Cruz

I really love these books! This one is the best one yet. I really wanted Jack and Schuyler to be together but she loves Oliver and he knows....irk....I could not believe that they talked about Star Wars!!!! It was funny but not quite...

Any who Schuyler is the best vampire in the whole world. She can kiss ass, fall in love, and go to school all in one day. She is stuck in a very troublesome love triangle. He human familiar, who is also her best friend, loves her and wants to be with her and the boy that she really cant be with.

She ends up having to move in with a family that she really can't stand other than Jack, the boy she cant be with. Jack is supposed to be bonded with his twin sister Mimi. Mimi's goal in life is to make Schuyler's life a living hell. She finds out that Jack and Schuyler have spent many count less nights alone and they weren't studying. And this really makes her mad. So she decides to tell Oliver about Schuyler and her midnight sessions. So he goes and confronts her about them and guess what.......HE FORGIVES HER!! I couldn't believe it. That is true love right there.

This books had a lot more too it and if you have the chance you should read it! You should read the whole series. But I hope this the last book that Schuyler and Jack get together....but I doubt it...:(

I really think everyone should read this book!  PLEASE PL:EASE PLEASE READ THIS BOOK AND ALL THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES

Well everyone the quote of the day is....

When what we are is what we want to be, that's happiness.
Malcolm Forbes

Signing off....:) What to know why......


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GLEE - "Forget You" Full Performance feat. Gwyneth Paltrow!

YAY!!! Enjoy :)

What a week :)

Wow what a crazy week....I really do even know where to start.  Maybe we should start with the fact that Warcraft is not letting me log on and play.....>.<  I am IN LOVE with World of Warcraft.  I have not really played in about a week and I went to go play tonight and I would be able to fly around for about 4 minutes and then it would disconnect I am hating Blizzard right about now....

Any who this past Friday my sister in law came into town for spring break.  We had some great fun! We went to the Zoo and then to a movie and just hung out most of the time.  It was really nice just to hang out and not have a worry in the world.  They left today to go home and it was really nice to see them.

Also this past weekend was WRESTLEMANIA!

It sucked! I was so disappointed about the show....All I have to say is that if I had paid all that money to sit and watch one of  the best Sporting events known to man and it was like that...I would demand my money back!! One of the biggest matches of the night was the opening matches....really Vince really....

But all I can say about Wrestlemania is.....19-0! The Undertaker won! Like he should have...
Right before the match started I looked at my Husband and told him that if the Undertaker loses this match that he was throwing in his boots....he looked scared LOL!  He is lucky that the Undertaker won!

Also this week I have been myself most of the time at work which I LOVE! So I have been cleaning most of the week and getting things ready for the Spring Fling in a couple weeks.  During this time at work it is crazy! Most of the time I don't know what to do with myself.  I have so much to do I really don't even know where to start....

Oh well enough with that I haven't been reading as much as I have wanted, but my goal for the weekend is to finish reading Torment and start the next book. I have about 13 books on my shelf that I have to read....My next blog will be my review of Torment!!! I know it will!!!

Anyway I'm out for the night...time to go lay on the couch with the Hubby and read :)

Signing off!!