Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was a sad week

Well this week was a sad week in my life....Casey Abrams was sent home :(

I love Casey Abrams.  He was such a talented singer and performer.  When American Idol started 10 seasons ago, I watched it every week. But as I grew I drifted away from it.  The past 8 or 9 seasons I would only watch the auditions and MAYBE, if i was lucky, the final show. But something happened this season.....As I was watching the auditions this man came on and sang tot he judges.  My fist reaction was oh my he is good but he won't make it.....guess what....he did make it!!!

He made it past Hollywood week singing songs that he HAD too and songs that he wanted to.  I really did not think that he would actually be on the show because he sings jazz and that is not normal for american idol. Usually the singers sing pop songs or songs that are on the radio today...this is why I never watched before.  The judges had to cut the group in half to have a top 24 to start the singing part of the show....AND HE MADE IT! He was going to sing for america week to week...I was so happy.

Then about a month and a half ago disaster struck....Casey was in the bottom this show was very important because if you did not get cut at this show you would be touring with American Idol because you were the top 10.  Well it is sad to say Casey was going home...well he is given a chance to sing for the judges to see if they would use their veto..THEY DID!  They wouldn't even let him finish the song before they decided to save him.  I was so happy!  I didn't want him to leave.  He is such an amazing singer.

Well weeks went by and Casey was amazing! But I honestly believe people did not know how to enjoy what he was doing because he is a jazz singer.  But that is what made him great! 

Casey Abrams will you be will be missed until your CD debuts, you headline your own tour, and become the next big thing!

Casey Abrams Indiana LOVES YOU!!


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