Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revelations By Melissa de la Cruz

I really love these books! This one is the best one yet. I really wanted Jack and Schuyler to be together but she loves Oliver and he knows....irk....I could not believe that they talked about Star Wars!!!! It was funny but not quite...

Any who Schuyler is the best vampire in the whole world. She can kiss ass, fall in love, and go to school all in one day. She is stuck in a very troublesome love triangle. He human familiar, who is also her best friend, loves her and wants to be with her and the boy that she really cant be with.

She ends up having to move in with a family that she really can't stand other than Jack, the boy she cant be with. Jack is supposed to be bonded with his twin sister Mimi. Mimi's goal in life is to make Schuyler's life a living hell. She finds out that Jack and Schuyler have spent many count less nights alone and they weren't studying. And this really makes her mad. So she decides to tell Oliver about Schuyler and her midnight sessions. So he goes and confronts her about them and guess what.......HE FORGIVES HER!! I couldn't believe it. That is true love right there.

This books had a lot more too it and if you have the chance you should read it! You should read the whole series. But I hope this the last book that Schuyler and Jack get together....but I doubt it...:(

I really think everyone should read this book!  PLEASE PL:EASE PLEASE READ THIS BOOK AND ALL THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES

Well everyone the quote of the day is....

When what we are is what we want to be, that's happiness.
Malcolm Forbes

Signing off....:) What to know why......


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