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A little bit about me!

My name is Laci, aka lovepassionbooks!  I am a mid twenties YA blogger from South Bend Indiana....GO IRISH!  My true passion is dystopians, and/or paranormal romance books.  My all time favorite book is Little Women.  I remember reading this book and I just could not get enough.  I loved every minute of it.  

I am a preschool teacher by day and YA book blogger by night.  I work with 20 three year old children....some day I want to pull out my hair. :)

I do a lot when I am not reading.  Like watching movies, playing video games with my husband, eating, and hanging out with friends, watching TV...mainly GLEE, and listening to music.

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A little bit about the blog:

The blog was actually started for a book club that I was trying to started.  I had this idea to start a book club through a online forum.  You would read the book and then go on to the forum and ask your questions and other things.  Well to make a long story short....it fell through.  But at the time of this I had already started the blog so I just kept it going.  And the rest is history.  

That was October of 2010.