Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!!

I can not believe what the year I had.  I know that I haven't been posting or doing much of anything lately but that is because most of you know, I am expecting my first child! The Hubster and I are very excited!  We are having a little girl and we are naming her.....


At this point in time I am 31 weeks and 4 days!  It is all happening so quickly.  I am trying to take it all in but I blink and a week and a half goes by.  Parts of me wishes that it would slow down just a bit, but then parts of me are glad that it is going by so fast.  :)

But I am so excited for this year!  Not only am I going to become a mother, my other true love is playing for the National Championship on Monday!!!! That is right everyone.....


Monday is going to be a pretty awesome day for me and I seriously can not wait to see Notre Dame beat Bama!!!!

But this is not what you are here to see.  This is a book blog, and I have not been posting about books.... :(  Well I am here to tell you that I am back!  I have so much in store for 2013 and I can not wait! It is going to be pretty awesome!  Just wait and see!  

Well thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you come back soon and see what I have planned!!!

Oh yeah,