Saturday, August 10, 2013

AuthorsAreRockstar!! Jenny Han!!!

I had the great honor of hosting a spot on the Author are Rockstars tour!!! Not only was I so lucky to be on the tour, I was able to interview JENNY HAN!!!!! 

She is truly a rockstar!  She gave us some of the best characters out there.  She gave us Conrad!!!! When I was first told about these books I went straight to the store and bought all 3 books!  I read them all in one day and cried when they were done.  
She is and always be my rockstar!

Hello Jenny!!! I am so glad that you have stopped by!  So lets dive right in!!!  

How did you come up with Belly and Conrad and did you always know the outcome of the books?

I did not always know the outcome of the books. The whole way through, I had a picture in my mind of what the last scene would look like—a girl in a white dress, running with a boy. I just wasn’t completely sure which boy. In the second book It’s Not Summer Without You, I wrote half of it from Jeremiah’s perspective, and I fell in love with him for sure. Conrad had always been in my heart, but Jeremiah kind of snuck in there and stuck. I vacillated between the two of them much the same way Belly did. She loved them both in different ways.

What was your favorite scene to write from the summer series? 

My favorite scene to write was probably the day after Christmas scene in We’ll Always Have Summer. I liked the thought of these two characters sort of colliding into each other after a very long time apart. They are both so guarded and careful with each other, because they both still care, but then Belly slips and falls, which I love. Physical comedy always makes me laugh.

Did you spend months at a summer house writing the Summer books????? 

I was very lucky and I got to spend time at a lot of different summer houses while I was writing the Summer books. I was in the Hamptons and at Cape Cod. The summer house in the book is an amalgamation of all the houses.

Where is your favorite place to write? Some authors have said that they have to be in a quiet office or off in a log cabin somewhere, what do you have to have to write?

I like to write at cafes and in hotel rooms, at friends’ houses, on the subway. Anywhere but in my own apartment.

So are we going to see Belly and Conrad anytime soon???
Maybe a movie???

The TV rights for the Summer series have been optioned by Lionsgate TV, so my fingers are crossed! It’s the first step in a series of many, many steps—it seems that in Hollywood, lightning has to strike twice, and then again and again. But I’m always hopeful!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I just want you to know that you are truly a rockstar in the writing world and I personally could not get enough of Belly and Conrad!!! Thank you for giving us such a great story!!!

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