Monday, May 2, 2011

Rachel Caine, I love you

So I have recently finish 2 books over the weekend...I guess when you have WAY to many bills and they are all due around the same time you have to stay in and read.  Which is not bad because I really loved staying in and just enjoying the company of my wonderful husband :).  But anyway I finished reading volume 2 of The Morganville Vampire Series.

In this book it contains both book 3 and 4 of the series.  The books are Midnight Alley and Feast of Fools.

Midnight Alley starts where book 2 left off you find out the Clarie has agreed to be Amelie's slave and do whatever she is told to do in exchange for protection for her and her roommates.  Clarie's first task...go into a dark alley and meet a crazy vampire that is not all there and have him teach her about magic.  She doesn't know what to except, but she knows that she can not tell Michael, Shane, or Eve about this because they would think she is crazy.

Well to make a long story short she develops a friendship with Myrnin  and he lets her become his only friend.   She wants to help him and make him better and she is doing everything that she possibly can.  Then after you think everything is okay he parents show up and tell her that THEY ARE MOVING TO MORGANVILLE! She doesn't even know what to tell them other then not to move there.  She tries to explain to them without telling them about the vampires.  Not only did they come there to tell her this they also bring a man there.  This mans name is Mr. Bishop.  You find out the Mr. Bishop is Amelie's father and he wants his!

In the second book you find out that Mr. Bishop will stop at nothing to put his daughter in her place and take everything from her.  He makes everyone think that he is just there to enjoy his time with his daughter but you soon find out that he has other plans with Morganville, TX and that is to change everything about it.  He decides to throw and ball.  At the ball every vampire will come and proclaim their loyalty to Mr. Bishop and they also had to bring a donation.  Lets just say that there were a lot of fights the broke out because Michael did not want to take Eve because he wanted to save her life.  Because the vampires would not become loyal to Bishop he decides to declare war on Morganville and Amelie.  And Clarie now has to help save a town that she really doesn't like.

I also read book 5 of the series this weekend which is Lord of Misrule.

During this story you are very involved with Clarie and her fight to save all of her friends and family and her town.  Mr. Bishop is out the kill Amelie and all of the vampires that follow her.  He really doesn't care about anything else.  He wants the little brown book so he can take over what his daughter has built up. During this time Shane and Clarie really develop as a couple.  They start to fall in love and I love that about this story...I am just ready for them to hook up.  I know I know this a teen novel and she is 16 and he is 18 and that is I know there are 5 more books that I have not read and it could happen....but it needs to happen...

Anyway I don't want to give away the whole story but at the end Bishop takes over and Clarie is brainwashed and is rivaled against Amelie.  She basically doesn't know what she is doing but Eve is sent off to get Amelie.  

I really have know idea what to think about this story.  I love this books and they are so good.  But I need a break from the has nothing to do with the author or the books or whatever people might think it is about.  It is about the fact that I bought a book about 2 months ago that I have been meaning to read so I am going to read it

Anyway have a great night 


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