Tuesday, May 31, 2011

teach me

Teach Me
R. A. Nelson

  So about 2 weeks ago the great Lynn Marie and I went on or great Borders run.  I was just looking not really looking to buy but then I saw this on the clearance rack!!! And the clearance rack was buy one get one free!! So I had never heard of this book nor anything about this author.  So I was really worried about reading it.  I should have not been worried.

  So you meet Carolina.  She is a high school senior and she doesn't have a lot of friends.  She only has one, a guy named Schuyler.  Which by the way, I love that name and the spelling of that name!!!  Carolina is very smart and just basically there just to make it through to get to college.  When you then meet Mr. Mann.  Mr. Mann is their new English teacher.  Carolina starts to have a thing for him.  She thinks that it is just a puppy love kind of crush and that nothing will happen...boy is she wrong.  Not only is she kind of in love with him, he is in love with her!  He makes a move to her and they start up a relationship that they keep hush hush for awhile.  They talk about everything together.  They discuss her going to college and then during her sophomore year they getting married, their lives together and having a family.  

Then one day he just basically breaks up with her and doesn't let her know why.  My immediate reaction was he has finally realized this is wrong.  So after a couple days of her being depressed about the break up, a wedding announcement comes out.  Its Mr. Mann's.  So she decides that she is going to be Mr. Mann's living hell.  She breaks into his apartment, she crashes his wedding, still his luggage, and confronts his new father-in-law about their relationship.  But no one seems to care.     

  I would say that you should give this book a chance.  It was a rather good book.  I have never read anything  like this before.  I really didn't know what to think about this book.  I was every worried because come on....she has a relationship with her teacher!  But I am really happy I gave it a chance.  And I think you should too...


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