Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unwritten Rule

The Unwritten Rule
Elizabeth Scott

  So I'm not going to lie....I have this friend who sometimes reads somethings that I would not read....ever....and I thought that this was going to be one of those books.  Boy was I wrong.  

  You  start off and you meet Sarah.  Sarah has a best friend that has been there since their kindergarten days.  They have been through everything together.  Her friend Brianna starts dating this guy, Ryan, who she thinks is the greatest thing since sliced bread.    They do everything together, including hanging with Ryan.  It was kind of weird.  It seemed like most of the book that when Sarah and Brianna were hanging out they were always hanging with Ryan also.  So Ryan and Brianna are a party with Sarah and Sarah decides that she wants to go home.  So Ryan tells her that he will take her home, no big deal.  While he takes her home they have a moment.  He kisses her.  She thinks that it was mistake because all he kept saying was "I didn't mean too!"  

After sometime, Ryan does it again.  But this time not only does he kiss her, he tells her that he is going to leave Brianna for Sarah because he wants to be with Sarah.  

He wants to be with Sarah because she is herself, and he loves her.  And she loves him. but she doesn't want this relationship with Ryan to get in between her relationship with Brianna.  

This book was a very good read.  I just came off a rather bad book and I was happy to pick up something that was different and a well read that made me think about my life growing up.  The relationship between my husband and I was very similar.  This book was the story about my life! 


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  1. I didn't think I would enjoy such a premise at first, but Elizabeth Scott really proved me wrong. Her writing's amazing! (:

    Found you on Follow Friday haha. New follower!

    Felicia @ A Novel Paradise