Saturday, May 14, 2011


By: Claudia Gray

Where to even begin about this book.  Lets see lets begin about how I bought   Well this was on of my awesome Borders buys.  (Thank you Borders) I was at Borders with a fellow Blogger Lynn and I picked up this book in the fiction section and read the back.  I looked at her and send wow this sounds good.  She looks at me and tells me that night before she was at a book signing and this author was there and she got the latest book Afterlife.  Then she proceeds to tell me that if I don't buy she I bought. :) I had to see what all the fuss was about.  Well and I am glad I did.  The book was really good. It has everything a book needs.  It has romance, suspense, mystery, and some comedy.  Which in my book is good. 

The book starts off and you meet Bianca.  She is everything you want in a main character and more.  Bianca's parents are teachers and they just received new jobs working at a boarding school and they take Bianca with them.  But she doesn't want to be there so she decides that is going to scare her parents and run away.   While is running in the woods outside of school she run right into a very handsome and brooding boy named Lucas.  She thinks that he is trying to attack her and all he was trying to do is protect her.  

After many times of getting to know each other the finally start dating and her parents seem okay with it but they know something is up.  Sometimes we should just listen to our parents huh....well it is the formal dance and Bianca did not go with Lucas but they met up and they were outside under the star and Bianca leans is for....a bite.  She bites Lucas and she doesn't know why!!! Her parents come in for the rescue and explain to her that they are vampires and she is a born vampire.  And that she will become a vampire when the time is right and she kills someone. o.O But she loves Lucas and she doesn't want to kill him she wants to be with him forever.  After explaining to Lucas what she is and that basically the whole school is infested with vampires he forgives her and takes her back.  He tells her that if she wants she could feed off of him, so she does.  After many feedings there is a chance that the person you are feeding off of could turn into a vampire.  Lucas starts having the same symptoms that Bianca is having.  So she explains to her parents this and her parents go off.  They explain to her that she just broke the one rule that the vampire have, not to tell humans that vampires exist. Not only did she do that, she also possibly turned someone.  

So one night all the vampires are sitting around in the lounge and they are discussing what can kill a vampire and Lucas seemed very interested.  Then Bianca spills the beans about one of Lucas's relatives that was enrolled at Evernight a long time go....and that is when the older vampires realize that Lucas is part of a group of vampire hunters that are there to kill Bianca's family and friends.  

After confessing his love to Bianca she decides to run away with Lucas to Boston and that they will figure everything out later because they just want to be together.  But while they are in Boston her family shows up and takes her away.  But she knows that this will not be the last time that she is sees the love of her life Lucas.

This book had some really good parts and some really not so good parts.  There are now 4 books of the series and I really don't know if I would ever read them.  It is a really good story line but I really think it needed more.  

I am currently about half way through the first Vampire Academy book by Richelle Mead. And I am really excited to write that review :)


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