Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Mockingjay

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)

By: Suzanne Collins
Publisher:  Scholastic Press
Release Date: August 24, 2010
Source: Book was given as a gift :)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Young Katniss Everdeen has survived the dreaded Hunger Games not once, but twice, but even now she can find no relief. In fact, the dangers seem to be escalating: President Snow has declared an all-out war on Katniss, her family, her friends, and all the oppressed people of District 12. The thrill-packed final installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy will keep young hearts pounding. -Goodreads-

My Thoughts:

Where do I even begin to tell you how much I love these books. At first I didn't know if I would like them because I judged this book by its cover.  Then I would tell people that I have never read the books and boy was there hell to pay!  They would tell me that they are the best books ever and that I NEED TO READ THEM!!!  So I asked for them for Christmas.  And I was gifted them!!!!! :)  

This past week has been really hard for me because I am currently living away from my Husband....:(  In about a month we will be back together because we are trying to buy a house.  So give it time and I will be back to my normal self.  :)  And I think this book really helped...

The book starts off exactly where the second book, Catching Fire, left off.  Katniss is hiding in District 13.  She is there with her family and Gale and his family.   They are in an all out war with the Capitol and President Snow.  See President Snow wants her head on a silver platter.  And Katniss wants Peeta back.  See the Capitol has Peeta as a hostage in this war.  Katniss will do anything to get Peeta back.  But a lot has changed since the last time that they have seen each other.  And that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

I could not believe how the book ended.  That was defiantly not how I thought it was going to end.  I finished reading the last 3 chapters today at work during nap time and I cried like a little baby.  At first I was really pissed off the way that ended.  I just could not believe that Suzanne thought that was a good way to end it.  Then on my drive home many hours later I was thinking to myself....."that is the best way she could have ended it."  It completely ties everything together.  I think Suzanne Collins is brilliant.  She did such an amazing job with this trilogy.  I am so happy that people hounded me for a very long time to read it because I know I would have never picked it up on my own.

My Rating:

I am giving this book 5 out 5 stars!

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