Friday, December 9, 2011

TGIF at GReads! {7}

It is Friday!  And today is a really busy day for me.  I work until 5 and then we have our company Christmas party!  I can not wait.  We are going to a local restaurant and then out for a night on the town.  It is going to be so much fun!  

But first we need to talk about TGIF!  TGIF is a weekly meme hosted by the awesome Ginger at GReads!  She asks a question and you answer.  It is that easy!

This weeks question is:

Book to Movie: Which book turn movie do you feel did the best adaptation? What about the worst?

Wow where do I even begin....

Okay here we go...

I have read a lot of books in my time.  I read mostly YA now but before I read pretty much anything.  I read a lot fiction and non fiction books.  I love most of them (notice I say most of the :)) and they hold a special place in my heart.  I would think one of the best book to movie adaptations was:

This movie was one the best movies I have seen in a really long time.  I think that they did a great job with it and stayed right on with the book.  I know what you are we were asking about YA books....hold your horses, I will get there.

They worst book to movie adaptation was:

This movie did not do justice for the book.  I read the book in high school and instantly fell in love with the characters, the world, and the story itself.  I remember seeing the trailer and thinking to myself...."I hope they don't ruin it."  And they did.  I am sorry if any of you liked the movie....I did not.

Now to YA titles...

The best book to movie adaptation is:

The Narnia Movies!

I love these books.  I read them all the time when I was a child and when they made the first three into movies I had to go and see them.  I thought that they did a great job bringing C.S. Lewis's world to life.  It was everything that I was thinking in my head.

P.S.  I would have picked the Harry Potter movies because they are effing amazing but....I have never read them. :( Please don't hate me.

And the worst book to movie adaptation is:


I was very disappointed with the way the movie turned out.  I understand that it was a low budget film and they didn't know that it was going to blow up like it did, but come on the movie was awful.  Now when you look at Breaking Dawn, that movie was AMAZING!!  They redeemed themselves with the way the made Breaking Dawn.   And yes I do own the movies. :)

I love the Twilight books.  They are the books that got me back into reading.  They will always hold a special place in my heart.  But the original movie was just plain bad.

Well that is it.  I hope you have a great Friday!



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