Sunday, November 20, 2011

One week of giving back: Thank you Gorgeous!

Hello followers!  I can't believe that we are to Thanksgiving week already... Where has the time gone?  But with it being Thanksgiving week I, along with my sister, have decided to dedicate this whole week to a local organization that is always giving back.  They are always thinking about the people they help.  So I want to dedicate this week to them!


The organization is called Hello Gorgeous!  They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving all women with all types of cancer.  They provide the women with complimentary make overs.  They pull out the red carpet and surprise them with flowers, candy, and the works!

I had the pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with Kim Becker, founder of Hello Gorgeous!  she is probably one the coolest people that I have ever met in my life.  She sat there and talked about all these people that she has helped through the organization. She really keeps a special place in her heart for all of the Gorgeous women that the organization has helped, you could ask her a question about a visit she did 4 years ago in the parking lot of a restaurant and she could tell you the name of the woman, her illness, and where she is at today in her recovery.

I was able to ask Kim some questions.

  • So what exactly is Hello Gorgeous!?
    • Hello Gorgeous! is a non profit organization that provides complementary make overs to all women with all types of cancer.
  • What made  you start Hello Gorgeous!?
    • It was a calling.  It was something that I knew that I had to do.
  • What exactly is a visit?
    • A visit is the surprise.  We meet the Gorgeous women and surprise them with a red carpet, candy, flowers, and the works!  The works could include: facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, any hair needs including color, cut or hair piece, makeup, and they try to give a complete outfit.
  • How long have you been doing this?
    • 6 Years
  • What is your most memorable moment?
    • The beginning.  I can remember coming back from Indianapolis with my husband and I began to talk about this idea I had.  I wanted to give free make overs to all women that were suffering from cancer.  My husband thought I was crazy!  But still he heard me out and even stopped in Kokomo to buy every book the book store offered about non profit organizations.  

So during this week we are going to discuss some truly Gorgeous women and after each story look for a special note...:)

When I met Kim she was in the process of affiliating salons in her local area to start providing these makeovers. I was part of that first salon, Sandy's Hair Design. She came in and certified us all on the do's and don'ts of providing our services to these women. She also touched my heart. I remember her saying "What better way to give back and make someone feel so good about themselves again, then to provide them with something we already know how to do?"

I always tease Kim because every time I see her, she cries. She cries for every story she hears, every woman  who feels broken, and for their strength that still shines through.

I want to Thank you Kim, for being selfless, inspiring, and grateful. You have shown me that every dream is a possibility, every venture brings you wisdom, and never forget where you came from and those you meet along the way.

Kim, you have given me the chance to give something back to these women, doing what I love. the transformations I've witnessed, with our visits, are amazing. Not just on the outside of these women, but mainly with-in. Their demeanor professes confidence once again!!

Kim, Thank you so much for everything you do. I am blessed to know you and to be apart of your dream. I will forever be indebted to you for the knowledge you've given me, the wisdom you've taught me, and the love you've shown everyone! You are truly an angel. You say your Gorgeous Gals! are your inspiration and I say you are mine!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Tascha McCollough
Stylist at Creative Edge Hair Studio
Mishawaka, In

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