Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The women are nominated through the Hello Gorgeous! website. If you know a women that should be nominated, please feel free to do so.



It's amazing to me that after 6 years of performing Hello Gorgeous! make-overs that I can still get an "aha". I know that every situation is different and we have seen so many woman on this journey that are so amazing, so inspirational and such fighters and Jerri is no exception. I am not sure where she finds her strength. I am in awe of her.
We surprised Jerri in Indianapolis at an Ovarcoming run/walk in downtown Indianapolis at 7am on a Saturday morning. I had done my homework on Jerri and I was sent a before picture so I had an idea of who I was looking for. Jerri was a beautiful blond with a big smile before cancer.
When the time came to surprise Jerri I was taken a back. It was the first time that I realized what cancer steals from these gallant woman.
It steals their femininity . Everything that we as girls thinks makes us look like girls, Cancer takes away.
It takes their hair, their eyebrows, their eyelashes and it can put dark circle under their eyes, Cancer is MEAN.
But Hello Gorgeous! tries to replace what cancer steals. We empower these women with hair substitution, we show them how to draw on their eyebrows and how to make it look like they have eye lashes. We have heard so many times that Hello Gorgeous! makes these woman feel "Girlee" again. I will never forget the look on Jerri's husband face we he saw her after the makeover. The only word that he could say was "WOW" as he greeted her with open arms.


She defiantly got her sexy back!

And now a special thanks:

Hi friend here are 4 of the 7 what I am thankful for... I will get the other 3 to you soon 
I am thankful for Kim Becker.... Because she has chosen to follow her callings in life. An amazing christian, wife, mother,sister, daughter and friend! She chose to commit her life to being a servant leader and always preservers. I am proud to have her as my sister!
Trisha and Dan Greenlee Creative Directors of Hello Gorgeous of HOPE Inc

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