Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The women are nominated through the Hello Gorgeous! website. If you know a women that should be nominated, please feel free to do so.



Lynn Rifkin was chosen to receive a surprise makeover during the Gorgeous Gals Luncheon in November of 2010. The year before, Kim had surprised everyone at the luncheon with the Gorgeous Endeavor, a 32 foot mobile day spa. So in 2010 she wanted to show everyone at the luncheon exactly what happens during a visit!

Lynn was invited by her sister to join her that afternoon. Not knowing that her other two sisters would be there waiting for her. That wasnt going to be her only surprise!!!

Lynn was nominated by her sisters because she had not once but twice battled cancer and was in remission. With her brave heart, she had asked God, years ago, that if cancer were to ever strike her family, to let her be the one to get it. Her sisters all are married with children and she, while married, has never had children of her own. To date, she is the only sibling that has suffered through cancer.

Part of our job that day, was to wait for our music cue, walk into the Luncheon, find Lynn, surprise her one more time that day, and give her a Gorgeous makeover right there in the bus, while the luncheon was going on right outside the door!! We even had a camera feed that gave everyone in the crowd updates throughout the whole makeover.

Kim began by reading Lynns nomination letter on stage. By the time we got to her, she and her sisters were all in tears, laughing and smiling! Lynn was amazing! She had the biggest smile on her face and was so excited to be receiving this makeover!! We pampered her that day, dressed her, and revealed her to everyone at the end of the luncheon. She was such a good sport! Very energetic and ready to get on that stage and strut her stuff!!
She was truly an inspiration that day. She is a person who knows what it takes to be selfless and gracious. I'm so proud to have met her! Thank you Lynn for being who you are and blessing this world with your presence!!

During this years luncheon Lynn was surprised one more time! She was chosen as the Hello Gorgeous! Ambassador of 2012!!
You go girl!!!


And a special note:

I am thankful for Kim Becker because Kim has a passion of love for whoever she meets. I see her give her heart and soul to a project appointed to her by God. Kim, being a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and a cosmetologist to many, understands why women with cancer needs to feel gorgeous. Because of her love for others, women with cancer may find love for themselves and the will to fight on. 

Kim has a Heart of Gold.

Lisa Luckey 

Event Specialist for our Gorgeous Gals Comedy Luncheon and Silent Auction 

I am grateful for Kim Becker because she represents selflessness, genuine, authentic care for others. Through her smiles, tears and bear hugs, she makes the day for many women. Thank you Kim! We love you so much!
Julene and Javier Melendez 
Owners of FIX Salon Aveda Concept Hello Gorgeous Salon affiliate

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