Friday, July 1, 2011

TGIF at GReads

TGIF is a weekly meme hosted by the great Ginger at GReads.  Now mind you this is my first TGIF, but what I have been told is she asks a question and you answer it....seems simple enough.  :)

So this weeks question was:
Mr & Mrs: Who are your favorite book couples?

So far I have read a lot of books that had really great couples in it.  So when I saw this question it was kind of  hard to sit down and select a few, but I think that I got a few really good ones.

1. Ethan and Lena(Beautiful Creatures)- I love this book/series.  They are a great couple that would do anything for each other. I think that Ethan is everything that a young girl wants and needs.  He really would do anything for Lena.

2. Schuyler and Jack(Blue Bloods)- Okay I know that they are technically a couple throughout the books but they are a great couple.  They are really meant to be together.  They go through so much in this series that they should just leave everyone behind and go be with each other. :) 

3. Tris and Four(Divergent)- Oh my God what to say about this couple.  Lets start off with his love for her that he tries to hide from her and everyone else.  But He knows that he cares for her so much....just think about that....a guy that tries to deny that he likes you but ends up still coming to you and loving you...that is my kind of man...:)

Well those are my couples!  These three books are some of my favorite books and I thought that it was really cool to explain why I love these couple so much.



  1. I haven't tried Divergent yet, but I've seen this couple on a few lists.


  2. DANG IT. Beautiful Creatures!!!! I KNEW I was missing one...beast. lol :) Good picks dear!