Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Okay everyone....

Okay so the book club blog really was not working so lets try from a different angle!  I am going to start writing a little bit everyday about my life!  I have noticed that putting my feelings on paper....(or on a web page)....has really helped me emotionally with my life. I really do not care if some do not see this blog, at least it is helping me.  But if you do start to follow me I hope that I touch your life in some way.  Life can be rough.  I know my life gets harder and harder everyday!  If it wasn't for my amazing husband I would not be here right now.  I his my back bone, my support system, my rock! I am so happy that he is here for me to help me through anything!

Well this past weekend we moved!!!! We were living in a one bedroom apartment that was about 600 square feet and didn't come with anything. We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment that is double the square footage and comes with a washer and dryer and dishwasher in the unit!!!! It is amazing I will take pictures this weekend and post them!

I have noticed lately that I really need to keep in better touch with my friends.  I have just been so busy with work and moving and everything else in my life that I work, come home, clean, make dinner, and then sleep!  Some where in there I also play my PASSION!!!! WORLD OF WARCRAFT!! If you play the game you have to watch the video that I am going to post after I finish this...AMAZING!!!!

Anyway life before the move what stressed out and crazy and everything seems to be good now! Seth is amazing and life at work is getting better.  But work life is a whole different story that we will get into at another time LOL.

I am still going to post things about books that I am reading and reviews that I write about them. But this blog is mostly going to be about how my life is doing and where it is going!!!!

signing off


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