Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tune in Tuesday {44}



My teen years!!!!  I love them just as much as I love this meme!!! Have you guys meet Ginger?!?!?! She is kind of amazing!! Go to her BLOG and find out everything you can about her and her memes!


So I first heard that this month was going to MY TEEN YEARS edition I screamed with excitement!!!  I grew up during a time that had some really great music and other fun things!!  Last week I started the month off with a bang and showcased THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

Backstreet Boys 02 


This week I am going to discuss my other band love with you.  Everybody….


The Spice Girls!

Not only do I love their music, I also love the movie!!!!


Yes, I do own the movie…. :)


What is your Tune in Tuesday????


  1. Oh goodness.. you have no idea how many times I got asked if I was a Spice Girl *rolls eyes* I was a bit older when they came out, so it was a cheesy pick up line I heard in the bar a few times.

  2. SPICE GIRLS. hahaha. I think that might have happened in my early teen years but I do have "2 Become 1" on my iPod still. Did you hear they are doing a reunion? Posh didn't look too psyched about it. haha


  3. When I was young (and I mean REALLY young) every girl had Spice Girls t-shirts. I still remember most of their songs too...catchy pop tunes never leave my brain!

  4. Interesting outfits. And it's been sometime since I was reminded of the Spice Girls. :D
    Oh, and I tagged you in my Liebster Blog post. For more info, click the link. :D http://tayteh.blogspot.com/2012/07/liebster-award.html