Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF at GReads! {17}



TGIF at GReads is a weekly meme were you answer a question that Ginger at GReads asks.  This is one of my favorite memes of all time!




Friday, July 6th - Comfort Reads: Which books do you go to for comfort & familiarity?  Is there a type of book you seek out when you're needing that extra bit of comfort in your life?

There are a lot of books that I read that are my comfort books.  I guess it is not really a certain book versus a certain genre.  If I am down and I need a book to bring a smile on my face, I always go.  I always go and pick up a contemporary.  These books are the books that help bring me out of a slump and bring a smile on my face. 

Some of the my go to kind of books are:

its not summer without youaudrey waitpretty amy  

the selectionunbreak my heart

Just to name a few… :)

These books bring back to a time when things were a lot simpler.  A time when you just wanted him to look at you.  Or you just wanted life to go by so you could live your life.  This is why these books are amazing and keep you wanting more.


Well have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!


  1. Light, fun books are my choices too! What did you think of "The Selection" by the way? (x
    My TGIF :

  2. I just started The Summer series and I already love it. I can't wait to get to the second book this month! I'm totally Team Conrad.

    Love your blog design! It's so cute :)

  3. I haven't read any of those you mentions - I don't read a lot of contemporary books - but I've seen such good things about The Selection, I might pick that one up soon. My comfort reads would probably be romance, or dystopian - something action packed.

    Tanya Patrice