Thursday, September 8, 2011

Irk armywives....irk

Well my followers I have been a bad blogger this weekend.  See Netflix decided to do the worst thing imaginable....they put 4 seasons of Army wives on the watch instantly!!!!  

I work at a day care and I have had many parents ask me if I have watched Army wives...I have always told them no and they would respond with "Oh my God you have to watch it!"  So when Netflix added it I decided that I would watch one episode of the show to give it a chance....that was last week. 

I totally got sucked into to it.  I have watched 3 full seasons in about 4 days total.  This show is amazing!  It is about 4 girls from 4 different backgrounds that all live on a army base.  

(from left to right)

There is Denise, who is the major's wife and is a RN.  She has had many issues that have come in the past 3 seasons but she is always calm and collective and always knows what to say to keep everyone together.

Then there is Roxy. Roxy is the bases firecracker.  She is always on her toes and doesn't let any one walk all over her.  She knew her husband a whole 17 days before he asked her to marry him. o.O

Then there is Pam.  I see a lot of me in Pam.  She second guesses a lot but also doesn't put up with a lot from people.  

The Claudia Joy....I know it's a really weird name, but whatever any who...She is the General's wife and she is in charge of all the wives on base.  She makes sure that they are comfortable and taken care of.

And there is Roland.  Roland is a army husband.  His wife is the highest ranked African American woman on base.  I love Roland.  You always think about the wives of the soldiers, but what about the husbands.  You just don't think about that situation.  

If I were you I would give this show a chance....But believe me you will need a box of tissues and a glass of wine.  I have never cried so much over one show in my life.

Enjoy :)


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