Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Randoms....hmmmm

So I was tagged!!! I was tagged by none other then the great Lynn from Bringing the Epic. I now have to make a list of 10 randoms that I wish to tell all of you about myself.....I may not have 10 just because I am a very open book but we shall see....

  • I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  With it approaching you soon find twitter updates and post dedicated to this awesome holiday.  I celebrate the holiday not just one day not just two days, I celebrate it for 31 days!!!! And if you follow me on twitter you will soon see this too! :)
  • I am a gleek! I love Glee more then any other show out there!  I have never watched a show that I have laughed, cried, and sing all in one hour!  I really feel like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  •  My favorite place to be is sitting in grass with a book and my phone for music!
  • I have always wanted to be a teacher when I grow up, I have become one. :)
  • My favorite food that I wish that I could eat everyday is SUSHI!
  • I think I put too much out there on my sleeve and that is my down fall.
  • I try to make friends but people seem to not like me.  So if we are friends, Thank you!
  • I am thinking about dyeing my hair dark....really dark.
  • I am saving for my next tattoo, which is going to be a power ranger coin.
  • I <3 Taylor Swift....she writes songs about my life.

Well that is it...I guess that I could come up with 10....


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